Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Hole Ordeal

Well, its happened. I didn't think it would happen this soon. My first reaction was to cry. Then I realized, that won't make it better or make it go away. I realized I have two choices: get rid of them or fix the problem. That's right. I got holes in my favorite pair of handknit socks. Bad ones. Like huge, horrible, ragged-edged holes in the heels. Clearly, my habit of slipping into and out of shoes without untying them is not a great idea when I'm wearing handknit socks. Okay, so a little about these socks...the yarn is this absolutely lovely blue, purple and green hand-dyed BFL (for non-yarny's, this is like the softest wool I've ever felt...its called "poorman's cashmere") and aside from it being the most expensive single ball of yarn (which translates into the most expensive pair of socks I've ever owned), being handdyed by a so-called indie dyer from Canada its not easily replaced. The pattern is the Monkey pattern from Cookie A (the single most brilliant sock pattern designer). In other words, these are a precious thing to me. I needed to fix them. I had no idea people still darned socks. But actually there are some really awesome tutorials online (this is the one I used). And luckily, I had some of this oh-so-precious yarn leftover (lesson: always, always save leftover sock yarn!). They actually make a tool for darning called a sock mushroom! Well, I didn't have one of those but I used a lightbulb and it worked great.

Here are my poor hole-y socks with the first step for darning completed. It took me ages to do both since they were such huge holes but I finally did finish and since, I'm not taking any chances with these wonderful socks, I went back and duplicate stitched over the majority of the heels to reinforce them. Its barely noticeable now! I also pledge to be more gentle with shoe removal and to diligently inspect these each time I am done wearing them.